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As every biological, chemical, and physical reaction or occurrence must have an original instigation for initiating, what was the cause or catalyst that precipitated the explosion commonly known as the Big Bang?
Do you believe justice? Do you all criminals get right punishments and good people get right benefit from their attitude? If there are no heaven and hell after death how it can be fair?
Let me preface my comment by saying that I’m an agnostic with a Christian background, not a jeering and condescending believer. I’m looking for an honest discussion, rather than a chance to best or convert non-believers.
1. Disproving a negative made easy... There are no married bachelors. 2. Muslims believe in Jesus.
Let’s say someone put drugs in a girls drink to make her pass out later. When the time comes, they rape her while she’s unconscious, and he uses protection for some reason. She was unaware, so it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.
Talk about Jesus resurrection. I often see nearly no skeptics who can tackle it effectively.
Why do we need to love one another? If there is no afterlife, why must we leave live? If we all are just going to die and be forgotten, that makes life rather pointless.
Atheism makes me wanna kill myself. Knowing that God does not exist, that the afterlife does not exist, and that life cam from nowhere makes me depressed.
If we are just created by chance and nothing else, then what's the point of living if in the end, we are just gonna die and be forgotten?
According to the above article, morality is just a sophisticated way of cooperating. Although the writing above seems elaborate, it all seems to boil down to that.
Response on Why don't atheists find Biblical prophecy convincing?
Yeah this isn't right. Cause atheists were influence by religion. Do u even history?
What can we say instead of 'God Bless America' to indicate our patriotism?
What created the Big Bang? Where did mankind come from? How do you wake up in the morning?
How lucky is that when over 300 prophecies are fulfilled by Jesus. How do the above arguments stack up now?
Where did the hydrogen come from?
This all seems logical until one asks, "How does something come from nothing?"
Why do Atheists not believe in God when there is so much evidence for him existing?
If we produce the same chemical when we drink alcohol as we do when we are supposedly bonding with someone and the effects wear off in both sets of circumstance , how have we proven love actually exists?