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Why do we need to love one another? If there is no afterlife, why must we leave live? If we all are just going to die and be forgotten, that makes life rather pointless.
Atheism makes me wanna kill myself. Knowing that God does not exist, that the afterlife does not exist, and that life cam from nowhere makes me depressed. What’s the point of living if nothing that comes in it have any reasonable value?I would rather kill myself than to know that we are a bunch of cells and nothing more.
If we are just created by chance and nothing else, then what's the point of living if in the end, we are just gonna die and be forgotten? If we are nothing but a bunch of cells and sperms that had evolved over time, then why must we care and love one another? And no, saying that we need others to survive is not an valid answer. I don't care about surviving. If life's is just about surviving, then that means we should only care about ourselves and nothing else. So that means that hospitals and medicine and things like that should not exist. Nothing in ever matters so we might as well die and not exist since nothing we ever do as humans will accomplish a single thing. So why bother? God does not exist. Heaven does not exist. Spirits don't exist. The only thing that exists is just us in a dark, empty void with a bunch of gases that we call the universe. That's it. So we should need to live a long, happy life since we will just die and soon be forgotten and wither away. Life comes from nothing, death means we become nothing, therefore life itself means absolutely nothing. I hate atheism.
According to the above article, morality is just a sophisticated way of cooperating. Although the writing above seems elaborate, it all seems to boil down to that. I find that hard to accept.There is also a lack of scientific/ sociological evidence to back up the assertions of an initial biological and subsequent philosophical refinement to morality. The road use analogy was once used by someone I met on a bus. In this, he was advocating anarchy, and stated that if for example there were no laws, drivers would be free to drive both safely and happily. How glad I was that he was not driving the bus I was in on that occasion.
Response on Why don't atheists find Biblical prophecy convincing? In the comment Time unbounded.28 "Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom." Where does it state in this scripture the second coming of Jesus? No where! It is referring to Jesus going to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. This happened before the eyes of some of the diciples
Yeah this isn't right. Cause atheists were influence by religion. Do u even history?
What can we say instead of 'God Bless America' to indicate our patriotism?
What created the Big Bang? Where did mankind come from? How do you wake up in the morning?
How lucky is that when over 300 prophecies are fulfilled by Jesus. How do the above arguments stack up now?
Where did the hydrogen come from?
This all seems logical until one asks, "How does something come from nothing?"
Why do Atheists not believe in God when there is so much evidence for him existing?
If we produce the same chemical when we drink alcohol as we do when we are supposedly bonding with someone and the effects wear off in both sets of circumstance , how have we proven love actually exists?