The response below assumes that a person is otherwise living a normal moral life, doing good, etc. The answer is specifically talking about the belief/worship requirement. Some Christians believe that anyone who is a good person gets into heaven - we are not talking about that position here.

The answer varies from atheist to atheist, but the question could be phrased in a different way.

If a dictator of your country ordered you to praise him every day, or be executed, would you do it?

Some would, some wouldn't, and some would pretend to do so while forming a resistance group. The question does not paint a flattering picture of God, if he set up the game such that a person would be tortured for eternity for a thought crime - a crime that was little more than failing to placate his ego.

Some would say that God is not sending us to hell, but rather we automatically go there, unless he saves us, if we merely "believe in him"... but God made the rules, did he not? Did he not create Hell, and set it up so that we'd end up going there? Or did he not realize that humans would accidentally be sent there, along the fallen angels?

To try to "fix" that oversight by requiring humans to believe something without evidence, despite their capacity and propensity for logic and reason, is bizarre, if not outright evil.

Ultimately, the above is immaterial, since no one has managed to demonstrate to atheists that hell is even a real, credible threat.