Program: AtheistBOT

Today I launched a sub-project called "AtheistBOT". 

I wouldn't call it a "chat bot", exactly, as there's no free-form conversation. It's not a quiz either, as it doesn't provide answers. AtheistBOT is more about asking the user questions in a Socratic sense.

At the moment, it's not very deep. That'll come in time. Based on answers, it'll ask basic questions in return. The hope is that, whoever interacts with it, will be prompted to search within his/her self for answers.

"Work in progress" doesn't really describe it... maybe "version 1.0". 

Priming the initial questions has taken some time, and will continue to be a task. It occurred to me, after awhile of populating the content, that I wasn't thinking like a theist. The questioning begins by asking what the person believes, and branches off asking high level abstract questions about evidence, the nature of belief, etc. It suddenly dawned on me... at no point did I add in any responses about Evolution or morality. That's inevitably where any discussions about god-beliefs go...

What does morality or Evolution have to do with god beliefs? They seem as relevant as tax code.

Well, to me, they seem irrelevant. I'm hoping peoples' responses will enlighten me.