Where did the hydrogen come from?


    The question is in response to the article, "Do you believe all this came about by random chance or by accident?"

    You'd be better off asking a physicist. If you'd like to learn the answer to this question, you might check out articles like this. In short (and put very loosely) hydrogen formed from the existing hot soup of protons, electrons and neutrons - and started to bond together into atoms, as they cooled, shortly after the Big Bang.

    But I suspect that's not your point. Questions like this, when an answer is provided, move the goalposts, asking "okay but where did those protons come from?" So the point isn't to actually learn something, but instead to make an epistemic statement.

    So let's go ahead and say, "We have no idea where hyrdogen came from" ... and?

    At one time we didn't know where lightning came from. We ignorantly invented a bearded man in the sky, named him Zeus, and left that as our answer for a long time. Injecting invisible bearded men as an answer every time we don't know something has proven to be a miserable way of knowing reality. 

    To this day, we've yet to be correct with the "God of the Gaps" approach.